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How it works

Tourists leave requests and select what they want to see

Once tourists register in the app, they can start creating orders. They choose the city, language, places to visit, convenient dates for the excursions, and special terms if needed. When the order is made, it will appear directly in your list of orders.

You pick a request that suits you best

Go to the Orders and pick the request by yourself. We show you the most compatible, and primarily we filter the city and language matching to you. Also, you can filter requests by other parameters.

You discuss details with a tourist and negotiate the price

When you reply to the request or request a trip, you can talk to a tourist in a personal chat. You need to discuss the excursion direction, dates, specific places the tourist may also want to visit. So, at this stage you should agree on the trip by discussing all of the details.

Have an agreement? Great! Provide an amazing tour

Nice! Now, when the trip is going to happen, make all the necessary steps to provide the tourist with great emotions and share your experience. Don’t forget to have each other's phone numbers, discuss the meeting point, and go on the tour!

The client pays for your services directly

Find Guide is a guide too. We help you and tourists find each other, spend an amazing tour, and get positive emotions. We are not involved in the payment process, it is left between you and tourists. We recommend you to discuss the payments before the tour, and get the payment after the end of your trip.

Our goal is to spark interest in architecture and history

To give each tourist and guide an opportunity to share unforgettable experiences together.

The world is beautiful, and we want to show it.

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Frequent questions

What is Find Guide?

Find Guide is an international service for finding local guides worldwide. This is a perfect place where you can find clients without reaching out to agencies. We form our community by cooperating with local guides who are friendly, caring and fun people with great knowledge of their cities. Our guides are always ready to show tourists the best places around wherever they are.

Why choose us?

We offer ultimate flexibility and transparency along with memorable experiences of meeting new people. Be your own boss: find clients in a twinkling without paying to third-party companies; easily manage your schedule and reputation.

Do you offer ready-made guided tours and excursions?

Not really. We offer guides – real people with experience and knowledge who are able to explain history, culture, and lifestyle – all depending on what your guest wants.

Do I have to be a professional guide?

We love to work with professional guides! However, as fellow travelers, we know that the best tours can be hosted by regular local people with an amazing perspective of the city they live in. So if you are not a professional, you still can join our community!

How do I receive bookings?

The process is as easy as a walk in a park! Step 1. Look through guiding requests in your area. Step 2. Apply for the requests that you believe you are the best fit for. Step 3. Reach out to travelers, and agree on details and the price before the tour. Step 4. Once you’re selected, travelers will book the tour directly with you.

How much is it?

The top one question in our chart! If you register now, you will be able to use the service for free until April 30. Afterwards, you will be charged $3 per reply to a traveler's request.

What should I pay for?

Now you can start giving tours and earning money!

You have to pay only $3 per reply to a traveler's request. We'll refund the money if the customer doesn’t read the response.

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